Our parents share what makes Keys Montessori School special!

We can be at ease when our son is at school knowing he is cared for, safe, and in a place that facilitates his future success. We are truly delighted with how he has been embraced, nurtured, and supported by his teachers. We could think of no better place to give our son a head start in life. The combination of the Montessori teaching methods and philosophy along with a great staff has allowed our son to excel both academically and personally. We are very thankful to have discovered Keys Montessori and its incredible staff.”

– Aaron and Lisa Nickas

The education and the early learning our son received is the best in the area. The teachers are unmatched (I’ve looked) and could not be more passionate about what they do. Very thankful for the Montessori option in our area.”

– Mark and Christin Pears

My admiration for Keys began the moment I stepped through the door for our initial tour. My husband and I were immediately impressed with how calm the classrooms were. Children were quietly working with their materials in an organized and engaging environment. The level of respect established between teacher and student was not only evident but commendable. For example, a student placed her hand on the director’s shoulder while we were talking because she knew not to interrupt her and waited quietly. The director excused herself for a moment to aid the student and I remember thinking “I want this for our child.” My child has been a student of Keys for almost three years now and my admiration for the school and its staff continues to grow.”

– Kelsey W.

Both of my children attended Keys Montessori School and love their teachers like family. Keys exemplifies the Montessori ideals of respect, independent learning, confidence, and harmony. I recommend Keys Montessori at every opportunity.”

– Dr. Kendra Fairman

KMS provides a calm and inviting learning environment. The teachers are very knowledgable, experienced and, more importantly, caring. We are happy to see our son growing more curious and independent day to day.”

– Ileana T.

Our daughter began at Keys when she was not quite 3 years old. She very quickly felt safe and comfortable and developed a sense of community, and even family, with the teachers and students. We are consistently in awe of how much our little one has learned in one year!”

– Adam and Katie Thomas

Our daughter had the opportunity to attend Keys Montessori for three years and it was the perfect environment for her. The Montessori style of instruction allowed her to learn and grow at her own pace. The teachers and staff provided a positive, calm environment that she loved to go to every day. We are grateful her first years at school have provided her with a love for school and learning.”

– Erika Farester

Keys Montessori is a fantastic institution our son was lucky enough to attend for 3 years. Their unique curriculum helped him learn valuable skills that impress us daily and will allow him to find great success in first grade.”

– Adam Alonso